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Peter Keuter was born in Germany and has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering/Telecommunications from FHS in Aachen/Jülich/Germany.

In his career, he worked at worldwide operating companies, like Bosch/Blaupunkt, Siemens/Nixdorf, NCR/AT&T, as well as together with McKinsey & Company in Operational Restructuring.

During his time in Europe, he worked with various Key OEM Partners, advising on technology, closing on international contracts, and launching products.

Prior to relocating to the United States, he held the position of a Business Unit Country Head Coach in Germany.

Today, he shares his German language heritage at Rosetta Stone with corporate and private learners around the globe offering new opportunities in their lives. He has 2 children and lives with his wife in Virginia.

He is the author of the book Life Rules!, and operates WordPress Life Plus!, a value-sharing platform with dedicated life episode posts to address day-to-day “Awareness Thinking” topics, offering alternative views on life management.

He speaks German and English, stands for equality, and supports solutions where life has a future.