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Substance Matters!

The Industrial Renewable Energy Revolution!

Washington DC Area May 7, 2023

Looking Back.

The Earth has been formed for 4.56 billion years which became later our habitat as Homo sapiens.

As humans, we evolved on this planet about 500,000 years ago as hominids from Homo rudolfensis, Homo habitus, Homo ergaster, Homo erectus, and finally as Homo sapiens. We are part of the evolution and not a separate species.

As Homo sapiens, we acquired the resources from Nature that we needed to survive. We also used our intelligence to build tools that made our lives easier and more successful over time.

How Could We Achieve This?

Driven by curiosity we explored new opportunities and decoded the laws of Nature that apply in the whole universe and discovered that we are also made of the same elements Nature uses.

In other words: We are part of a system that works best in cooperation. In a way, we are connected to Nature and need each other. Like atoms that combine into molecules to form new chains of properties with certain specifications that are superior to others.

We have used nature as a tool to generate unstoppable growth and wealth for our well-being, unaware of the problems that arise from our beliefs.

In the last 400 years, we have achieved many remarkable milestones when we were able to accurately predict the orbital motions of the planets around the Sun (contrary to the religious teachings of the time), understand the interaction of atoms with protons and electrons, detect quarks, and use relativity to expand our knowledge of the world we live in.

Now we can even force atoms or electrons to behave in ways that produce desired results, for example in medicine or many other technologies that we were not able to do before. Only good if we exclude the development of technologies to harm others.

Most Recent Time Line.

In the 18th century, we began an industrial revolution, used machines to do the work for us, achieved higher productivity, and were able to create wealth that we had never achieved before.

To do this, we needed energy, a lot of energy, to build up this wealth. The energy sources we used were mainly fossil fuels, which we considered abundant at the time.

Todays Time Line.

In general, the universe must be in an unstable state, and this also applies to life on Earth, otherwise, we would not exist. An unstoppable system process until the entropy reaches zero.

The Earth’s system consists of an atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and pedosphere is showing trending changes over the last 200 years.

In particular, the atmosphere is heating up faster and faster, which will have an avalanche effect on the living conditions of species on Earth.

This is primarily due to carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and the associated processes used to meet our ever-increasing energy needs. This poses a long-term problem for the living conditions of people on Earth.

Turning This Problem Into A Non-Problem.

We simply cannot cling to our ancestors’ belief that growth is the ultimate goal for prosperity, wealth, and power.

Our results show that with the use of renewable energies, we will usher in a new industrial revolution in the energy sector, making old and outdated technologies with their large quantities of environmentally harmful gases obsolete and paving the way for a new century of sustainable energy supply.

A world-changing shift to freely available energy from the universe. Humanity has the intelligence to plan and implement better solutions globally.

Now, and as we shift to renewable energy, we must simultaneously reduce our current irresponsible increase in fossil fuel energy demand to prevent further overheating of the atmosphere.

The more we can save in this transition, the greater the margin of safety we will achieve to stabilize the atmosphere sooner. “Less” fossil fuels are “more” useful for our desired long-term goal. This is the ultimate equation for the consistency of life on Earth.

An extremely valuable approach to accelerating our success.

The Industrial Renewable Energy Revolution.

Best of all, renewable energies such as sun, wind, water, and heat are available to us free of charge. What’s more, we already have the technologies to capture these energies.

What better conditions can we get in this universe?

The Industrial Renewable Energy Revolution will bring us

a.) Clean Air To Breathe With Less Waste To Deposit.

b.) Long-term Prosperity With Stabilized Energy Prices.

c.) Independent Energy Sourcing And Distribution Channels.

d.) High Volume Job Creation To Develop, Produce, Install, And Maintain These Various Renewable Energy Sources.

e.) New, Never Before Experienced Life Experience And Higher Life Expectancy.

What are we waiting for to take this global step?

Or do we prefer to continue breathing in the toxic air pollution from industrial plants or traffic burns that make us sicker every day and intentionally shorten our life expectancy?

There is only one answer: Switch immediately!

It is our intelligence that equips us with the knowledge and tools to succeed and to know the risks that arise when we reject Nature. We cannot exist without the support of Nature; biodiversity is the bloodstream of our lives.

Understanding these correlations makes us a superior herd society that follows a conclusive path regardless of political affiliations or unproven conspiracy theories. The sciences, with their irrefutable measurements and associated evaluations, show us the way to counteract the global effects of increasing climate-related outbursts.

World leaders must put their heads together and establish globally binding and cooperative action plans, starting immediately. It is the most important issue of this century and for the world. This industrial revolution of renewable energy will bring about a global transformation in energy procurement that is necessary for a sustainable future for the world community.

This global operation should follow the concept of swarm intelligence as already successfully practiced by fish, birds, and ants. Nature has already proposed us a solution, a community is stronger than the individual and the species will survive.

An isolated approach by a single country will not offset the global impact.

“The greatest opportunities are offered only once in your lifetime!”, is a statement of a general rule of life.

Renewable energy is the source of stable prosperity and wealth in the future. Nature will adapt and provide rich biodiversity.

The Choice Is Ours!

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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