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Entropy In Politics!

Washington DC Area April 13, 2023


Entropy can be thought of as a concept that helps to understand the behavior of complex systems, both naturally and artificially.

In information theory, entropy is a measure of the amount of uncertainty or randomness in a set of data. It’s often described as a measure of the “surprise” or “information content” of a message or signal. The more unpredictable or random the data is, the higher the entropy.

Year of Foundation

This is the year when a country has incorporated laws to govern the country. It’s the beginning of a new stage, like in astronomy, considered as the Big Bang when the universe started. The entropy is very low, almost everything is in order.

Time of Governing

It’s the overall time period since the Year of Foundation the country has been governed, regardless of party affiliation. A governing change of party affiliation won’t typically decrease the entropy, it can be assumed the entropy will increase when taking over, but the entropy could later decrease to a certain amount based on new laws.

Early Years

When the government was established and declared, laws were first enacted to govern the country accordingly. At the starting point, it is assumed that no internal political unrests or outside threats are present. Under this consideration, entropy could still be considered low when the country is relatively stable.

Mid Years

As time goes by, more influences from inside and outside can be expected for many different reasons, such as:

1.) Dedicated groups establishing strong forces demanding for a change.

2.) Initially assigned laws to treat not all equally.

3.) Geopolitical impacts may require adjustments to laws.

4.) Natural disasters demanding changes to living conditions.

All of the above require responsible action among the participating parties to find a path that solves those problem-making events.

Current Years

Starting a changing process creates additional multiple variables and uncertainties for different subjects, and the negotiation process will take additional time as the variables continue to increase or be questioned.

At this point, it is already clear that the established political process is entering a higher entropy in which governing becomes too time-consuming to be effective for quick decisions. Laws involve too many rules, regulations as well as exemptions. The exemptions determine the legislation.

Just think of the IRS rules. Probably more than 10,000 lawyers have written and changed the tax rules over decades to satisfy the various groups with the loudest voices, and this will never stop. Entropy as a means of self-preservation.

Governing and controlling become non-effective ways to guide and prepare a country for the future in a timely manner.

Global Climate

Politics must forcibly transform itself into global politics. The climate sets the pace. The global community has become an employee of the climate. Global climate treaties have a limited duration and no room for negotiation; there is a compulsion to act immediately.


Governing a country at the highest entropy level will not lead to the rapid changes needed. The process of change must begin in the past when entropy was at a lower level. Laws, regulations, and exemptions must be dismantled, and climate action must be taken to drastically reduce fossil fuel resources.

Worldwide climate change requires an ideological rethinking to transform from vandals to participatory homo sapiens living in harmony with nature. Nature is part of our society, without it, we are lost.

There is no attainable alternative in the universe…N-O-N-E !!! Maybe only in the illusionary views of some billionaires or movie makers.

We had better fix what we have recklessly screwed up for decades. If not, the bacteria will survive nature’s reaction, but we won’t.

Life goes on and follows the laws of nature with the existing instabilities as a chance to create something new.

Are we ready for it?

1.) The climate can only be controlled by the world community, therefore a Global Science Climate Board (GSCB) shall be implemented, which has the legislative power in the countries to take immediate measures to achieve the global climate goal. The measures will be financed by the global community, with the largest share of the costs to be borne by the biggest climate polluters.

2) Minimize or eliminate special rules, regulations, and exceptions. We need the next generation of politicians who can lead the country into its future, free and independent of the money flows of selfish donors who only want to protect their interests and profits and don’t care about a worldwide society.

3.) The governing laws as well as tax rules shall be organized by modules in a simplified matrix structure for a better overview and easier changes.

Example: Real Estate, Governing Laws and IRS Rules.

Simplicity, transparency, and comprehensibility are the key attributes of future legislation with less entropy. Climate has to be the number #1 priority to address necessary changes worldwide without exemptions.

The Choice Is Ours!

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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