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Substance Matters!

Never Stop Thinking!

Washington DC Area April 3, 2023


Your brain is designed and has the capability to learn from birth to the end of life, where your highest rate of the learning curve is in the younger ages until about 13 years. Learning continues into older ages however at a slower pace.

The Brain Network

A human brain consists of about 100 billion neurons, each connected to 10,000 synapses, building a powerful communication network by using electrical signals transforming into chemical interactions to transmit commands to dedicated receptors.

A human brain is about 1.4 Kg (3 lbs) and the information transmission frequency is about 300 Hz. Size or weight has no correlation to intelligence, it’s the continuous learning process that makes someone brighter than others. Everyone can reach the next intelligence level.


The more you learn over time, the more connections with synapses are made and build up a powerful brain memory. With learning, you build recallable information from your brain network. This capability enables you to combine further possible connections when thinking, however you must first build knowledge from learning.

In other words, you cannot have an opinion, make a decision, or build a belief/faith without prior building knowledge. This knowledge must be verified and updated over time to be current, like in science. where a thesis must be proven by repeating empirical results.

The very first knowledge is built in the early childhood by following the thoughts of your parents and participating in local traditions. Later, you may develop your own views that could be different or you keep the taught views.


The world around us is vibrant and filled with changeable information. When communicating with each other, everyone builds the communication based on the knowledge learned over time or will add new knowledge.

Thinking is the process of capturing information from an outside source and comparing it with the knowledge one has built in their brain. Thinking can also be applied to already stored knowledge in the brain to explore new challenges or opportunities.

The amount of outside information can be overwhelming making it hard, and sometimes impossible, to distinguish between right and wrong. With your capability to retrieve the learned knowledge from your brain, you may be able to build an opinion, make a decision, or establish a belief/faith, or there is no connection at all.

People believe they don’t need knowledge anymore to store in the brain, nowadays one can search for anything on demand, like outsourcing knowledge. That’s a wrong assumption.

In order to do a search, you have to have some prior knowledge of the subject, otherwise, you’re completely lost and do not know what to search for.

Ask yourself what you do with 100,000 search results in 0,1 seconds. Which one to pick?

That causes potential misunderstandings or wrong assumptions because both the information received and your thought may not be based on the same “conclusive facts”. Without the same conclusive facts, your exchange of information may lead to a wrong conclusion or won’t be accepted.

Political or marketing campaigns may use manipulative strategies to influence people because they know there is no fact-checking. Lies sell faster than the truth.

In our lives today, thinking is suppressed by digital hype, we are confronted with an uncontrollable amount of information around the clock and are tempted to take the easy way out by clicking “Like” or “Don’t Like”. This does not have a learning effect and therefore you can’t recall the subject information later.

We have become slaves to the digital age. Rip-off companies market our personalities and cannibalize us; society obviously accepts this business model. We are forced to live in a rat race until we realize it too late.

Not asking yourself before making a decision can have personal consequences, such as aggression, addiction, obesity, diabetes, getting earlier dementia, and sometimes leads to suicide.

Your brain needs to be trained, the more the better. It is your personal training machine that makes you a brighter and happier person who can think, learn and adapt to a better life.

Turn the page and start thinking, shut off the digital hype, become human again, be yourself, and become happier.

Social media butterflies have shorter wings.

Thinking is the key to incorporating more knowledge in the brain being able to grasp the most current answer to conclusive facts. It is like a transformation to happiness and you will live longer.

Never Stop Thinking!

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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