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Substance Matters!

The Climate Overtakes Politcs!

Washington DC Area March 30, 2023

A Wise Mind Sees What Others Do Not See Or Reject.

The climate is an essential part of our existence. We did not create it, it was left to us as a gift for life on this planet, and we have virtually inherited it.

We have aggressively changed life on our planet. We have risked everything for power and wealth to manifest ourselves as heroes homo sapiens. In doing so, we have deliberately ignored nature as an important partner on this planet.

In the last 400 years, the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, so many scientists have found out the origin and the physical laws of the Earth, which also apply to the universe.

The predictability of events can be forecasted with unprecedented precision, just think of celestial mechanics, which has also invalidated the previously believed worldview of the center of the earth around which the planets orbit.

Knowledge must be confirmed by proof to be correct, which differs from beliefs.

The effects of climate have been scientifically studied and the associated global consequences are predictable. The future is becoming more transparent to us, and we can act in advance to prevent a risk from occurring as an event.

The science around the world has evidence that our ever-increasing economic output, which we praise as prosperity, interacts with the climate that should guarantee us stable living conditions on Earth.

These living conditions are deteriorating the more uncontrolled fossil fuel emissions we produce to satisfy our greed for growth. We pretend to have access to unlimited resources so that business plans can signal further global growth.

The oceans, which are an essential part of marine life, are becoming plastic landfills with a shift in food chains and the emergence of new diseases.

If we consider the Earth as our living room, we are living in a dumpster area, all the produced toxic outputs and waste remain in the living room.

Are we a herd of vandals or people with minds?

The effect is linked to global warming, which cascades and accelerates to create conditions that make life in certain regions initially uncomfortable, later impossible, and spread over larger areas.

Our mind is short-sightedly focused and suppresses a predictable future development. This is our fatal mistake.

Every high school student understands and can apply simple arithmetic. Higher economic output will limit resources and sooner or later lead to shortages in the supply chain.

Our elements came from another star with a one-time supply in the past, and we have no loading dock to replenish our resources.

Any global economic output derived mainly from fossil fuels leads to dramatic changes in the global climate with devastating consequences for the population.

There is not only one culprit, we are all culprits. We are just carrying out an ill-conceived self-organization of human destruction. Bacteria will survive, but we won’t.

Massive migrations of people to other regions will begin, making the living space even less favorable for all. A self-imposed humanitarian crisis will be the result of our negligence not to act now.

Conserving energy all over the world is the key to success. “Business as usual” is not a plan for the future, and more waste is not the answer either.

We need much less than what we produce, buy, and then throw away today. This is a triple whammy for the climate.

Political-geographical zones become irrelevant, we will need to re-divide the world into climate zones. Politics must become global politics to set the rules and stop the ongoing climate inflation cannibalizing life on Earth.

If action is not taken, the future is frighteningly predictable and moving toward the present much faster than ever imagined. It is inevitable!

Policymakers must pursue a global vision rather than focus on local traditions in their decision-making.

Political decisions of this magnitude cannot be governed from the present due to the high entropy of laws, regulations, and exemptions. The starting point must be set in the past (lower entropy, fewer regulations, and exemptions) to incorporate the wisdom of the future into the present decision.

Primary energy supply must be designed as a user participation model. This ensures stable prices and climate-friendly energy use in the long term.

The climate demands a dramatic change in worldwide energy use.

Science Is The Wise Mind That Sees What Others Do Not See Or Reject. We Only Need To Take The Advice To Avert An Apocalypse.

As a society, we need to apply swarm intelligence, which is already successfully applied in nature among species, for example, in ants, fish, and birds. Nature gave us the answer, we just have to do it. Politicians, go for it!

The Choice Is Ours!

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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