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Politics, A Mismatch By Default?

Washington DC Area March 28, 2023


Every society thrives on values to achieve its common goal. These goals are regulated and implemented by the legislative body.

Members of society can express their opinions and cast their votes to continue or change policies.

Politicians are members of the society and represent their constituents.

Research institutions support society with the latest developments in the fields of climate, economy, and technology. This ensures a balanced course to achieve the common goal.

Research, society, and policymakers establish a strong triangle to focus on the common goal or make adjustments as needed.

This seems to be a well-designed model for longterm success.

Imbalances And Risks

Outside – Geopolitical Events | Natural Disasters | Humanitarian Crisis | Pandemic |

Inside – Political Unrests | Climate Impacts | Supply Chain Shortages | Pandemic |

Quo Vadis Politics

– Lobbyists

Politics is a dynamic process to keep the goal in balance and to move forward in the targeted direction. However, internal forces try to manipulate the system for their benefits outside the law.

The most influential groups are lobbyists who are paid by various industries or organizations to represent them. Their goal is to be exempt from certain laws or to steer policy in a certain direction to control their profits. Or entities buy organizations with the power to control and manipulate scientific results.

A study is only as good as one knows and can validate the entire survey results with its empirical findings, otherwise, it is a manipulated attempt to discard the overall picture. As known from psychology, lies can offer advantages, even if only in the short term. It’s a dominant marketing instrument.

Lobbyists are something like the dark matter in cosmology. They don’t emit, absorb or reflect light, work in the dark and the vast majority of politics consists of dark matter.

The influential dark power of lobbyists must be excluded from the political system. Society has expressed its point of view, and political leaders have accepted that point of view on behalf of their constituents as part of society. Not only is this an agreement, but politicians have taken an oath to abide by it. The current practice of governance does not stand up to legal scrutiny.

Policymakers must obtain their knowledge from science as part of the government body to guarantee independent judgment, and science must also be part of the legislative body with 20% of the voting rights. Science secures the future of society.

– Political Donations

A political donation, regardless of party affiliation, is a targeted manipulation attempt of the law.

Political parties should be given a fixed budget for campaign financing that comes from the country’s financial budget and is independent of their current seats in government. This would give each party a level playing field and allow voters to make their preferred choice for the next legislative term, and eliminate the millions in black money spent on manipulation in each constituency.

The political candidates will present their issues in public debates with their challengers. The answers provide information about their position to be elected.

Dark money is the poison of any governing body.

Before the election, each candidate politician offers a standardized political profile and makes it public. The categorized topics are | Personal | Experience | Key Measures | #1 Task | World View |. Each topic has 5 sub-topics.

The personally promoted topics, if accepted by the majority of voters, are the choice for the country to move forward, not your party affiliation.

Party affiliation is an outdated tradition for holding on to ideologies that will get us nowhere in a rapidly changing world. We need to pursue global politics and think outside the box. Only those with foresight can recognize and solve problems before they become problems.

We need politicians with a visionary worldview, not traditional party ideology. Vision instead of Tradition.

The world is changing fast, and policy must keep pace. The climate will set the pace, whether we understand it or not. There is no way around it. Without livable climate conditions, politics has failed and, out of selfish greed, cannibalized our blue planet, the only one of its kind in the universe so far.

The Choice Is Ours!

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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