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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Brain?

Washington DC Area March 26, 2023

This article focuses on the general understanding of how a human brain works and what are the impacts that define a personal outcome. These findings are overwhelmingly based on brain research developments as they were publicly available in recent times.

General Findings

The human brain does not function like a storage medium with a fixed capacity. The term “100% full”, as known from a hard drive, does not apply to a human brain. A human brain is a training device that can constantly learn and is able to dynamically add more connections as needed. The more, the better. The possible capacity based on the brain’s neural architecture is still unknown today.

The information transfer rate of the electrical impulses is about 300 Hz.

That seems to be a very slow processing speed compared to modern computer technologies, but a neural network can operate multiple and complex operations at once, therefore making it fast for humans.

New computer technologies mimicking the human brain‘s neural network have achieved unimaginable results by self-learning, which questions uncontrollable learning capabilities, and therefore looking into for limitations. Any algorithm is biased in one way or the other.

The mass of a human brain is about 1.4 Kg (3 pounds) and the size and weight do not necessarily correlate to any intelligence or cognitive abilities.

It’s the continuation of training that develops the human brain’s abilities.

Brain Formation Rate

The rate of brain formation is age dependent. The fastest rate starts after birth until the end of preschool age. After that, the rate slows down, but the human brain is still able to process more information and can learn until old age.


Capabilities of | Seeing | Speaking | Thinking, Wanting, and Acting | are fully developed after certain time periods.

| Seeing ~ 5 years | Speaking ~ 13 years | Thinking, Wanting, Acting ~ 25 years |.

These are important benchmarks in human brain development. Missing these benchmarks, cannot be reversed.

The eyes are fully developed after about 5 years of information exchange with the visual center of the brain. or the capability of speaking is fully developed after ~ 13 years with the brain’s speech center, meaning those who cannot speak at that time, will never develop a full speech capability. The capability of Thinking, Wanting, and Acting is fully developed after ~ 25 years.

After that, it is much more difficult to change a person’s mind. The Catholic Church had knowledge of this correlation and no longer hired new missionaries older than 25. Ideological groups and industrial conglomerates took also the advantage of it and have focused their tactics on attracting younger people to their services.

The Thought Process

Knowledge Is The Linking Of Application-Specific Facts.

Knowledge has been learned from many inputs, each of which triggers a signal and leaves a correlating “neural imprint”. The more knowledge one has learned, the easier it is to acquire new knowledge. Someone who already speaks two languages learns a third language faster than someone who speaks only one. And why? The person who already speaks two languages has more neurons and synapses connected and has built a larger network to process similar or the same neural imprints.

As a result, one cannot have an opinion, make a decision, or build a belief/faith without having knowledge of the fact. That is a key to a brain’s response. Knowledge can change over time, so an opinion, decision, and belief/faith can also change over time. They need to be reviewed from time to time to be current, like science does.

Just think of a doctor practicing his profession for many years without knowing about the latest developments in medicine or treatment methods. Your consultation could be life-threatening, would you take the risk?

We have made the experience that everyone has an opinion, but it is not necessarily based on the same “conclusive facts”. Different facts lead to different networking conclusions in the human brain. This can lead to misunderstandings or controversial discussions, even conspiracy theories.

It’s not necessarily a malfunction of the human brain, but the human brain has simply been fed information consisting of different facts. Or the mind has overridden the neural response to intentionally manipulate the outcome, which is called outright lying. In society, lying may provide benefits for a particular purpose, at least for a short time. A known and practiced fact.

The mind as a control unit for outside communication can accept or block internally processed neural information. This explains e.g. “stubbornness” or “lying” as suppression of correlated neural network findings.

A different opinion is good only if it is based on solid, demonstrable facts of the same subject.

A human brain’s INPUT can be any recognizable information (visual, auditory, sensory, gustatory, or olfactory) that is transmitted to trigger an immediate reaction to the correct receptors and used to build “knowledge” over time.

During the learning process, this accumulated knowledge leads to building “opinions, decisions, and beliefs/faith” as OUTPUT information.

The Brain’s Learning Curve.

PHASE 1: CHILDHOOD. The human brain develops the fastest during that time period until about the age of 13 years.

POSITIVE and expanding healthy brain activities are | multi-language learning | touching objects with hands, using pencils) | music, sports, and theater |

NEGATIVE and degrading brain activities are | TV, DVD, Video | Playing stations | Computer games | resulting in speech recognition defiency, attention dysfunction, and school problems.

PHASE 2: YOUTH. The human brain is still on a high learning curve but has reached a level plateau of ~ 20 years.

POSITIVE and expanding healthy brain activities are | social community, binding family | empathy | useful hobby/work |

NEGATIVE and degrading brain activities are | constantly online | and multi-tasking | resulting in low education, wrong diet, addiction, sleep deficiency, and being overweight.


POSITIVE and expanding healthy brain activities are | social activites | giving and helping | grandchildren | volunteering | dancing, singing, laughing |

NEGATIVE and degrading brain activities are | unemployment | illness | isolation | depression | and death |.

The 3 key building blocks of healthy brain development and keeping the brain in top conditions until the end of life.

1.) CHILDHOOD: Education, Movement, and Healthy Diet.

2.) YOUTH: Shelter and Community.

3.) WORKING AGE: Activities, Social Engagement.

The Good And The Bad


Your brain represents your personality as a whole and can’t be replaced. It’s the most protected organ in your body. The brain offers tremendous opportunities to expand your personality profile as you like it and want to be.

Learning is the fuel to reach the next level of intelligence in the early years, and you still can learn until old age. The opportunities are endless.

When you are surprised about someone’s achievement, you may say, “What a smart person!” Well, at the same time, you admit that you are a simple-minded person because you didn’t learn it. But you could, it’s just your missing training.

Over time, the brain will naturally degrade, called dementia, which could lead to Alzheimer’s as an illness, when a large number of brain cells have died.

Anyone can get Alzheimer’s as a normal degrading process of the human brain.

People who had in young ages a high grade of brain development will most likely not recognize Alzheimer’s during their lifetime, whereas people with lower brain development at a young age could be impacted during their lifetime with Alzheimer’s.

The early development of the human brain plays a significant role when Alzheimer’s will be recognized.

It’s known from studies, learning dual languages in early years will develop Alzheimer’s 5 years later, compared to medicine saving you 3 months when taking the medicine for a long time, not counting the costs.

Another study has shown that a person at age of 101 was tested with no dementia before the end of life. A brain scan right after death however showed that the human brain was overloaded with Alzheimer’s. The human brain was still fully functioning until death.

Parkinson’s, a neurological disorder that affects movement, is often detected when about 70% of brain cells are already damaged. In other words, the brain can sustain life even when a much smaller percentage of cells are still active. Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s.

With the right interventions, the human brain can learn all the skills from an early age into old age and remain fully functional throughout life.

Digital dementia appears as a result of using smartphones and computer screens/tablets at early ages when both the vision center and speech center are not fully developed.

Kids below 16 years of age should not use these digital devices, which also adds to early myopia.

These devices act as digital dictators and make kids addicted to screen life and disrupt their learning capabilities at the same time when most needed.

The social media giants know it, but don’t stop it. They ruin your children for profit, that’s their unethical business model. Society seems to accept it. Where is the outcry?

Phone manufacturers and social media companies shall be required by law to submit a label on each product that the use may be harmful for people under the age of 14 years and could lead to myopia, degradation of learning capabilities, and early dementia with non reversible course. Use the device or application responsible to minimize health issues.

We already have age-related law restrictions for driving a vehicle or alcohol consumption, why do we allow children to destroy their learning capabilities, become addicted, ruin their health and run in dementia earlier in life?

Is this our digital future with diminishing economic opportunities and massive additional healthcare costs starting sooner?

Social butterflies have shorter wings.

The socially enforced hype of being always connected comes with a high and devastating long-term price when you don’t train your human brain in the early years away from screens.

You are not learning, you are just picking up randomly uncorrelated information from digital devices, or your opinion has been diminished to “Like” or “Don’t Like”. You are shifting your risk of becoming myopia and dementia earlier in your life.

Learning and building knowledge come from linking application-specific facts in your brain.

What to do with 10,000 search responses in 0.1 seconds on your screen? Without knowledge of the fact, you can’t distinguish between valuable and nonvaluable, right or wrong information. To get a meaningful result, you need to have built up your knowledge before you start searching. Anything else may lead to false assumptions or fake news spreading across the Internet with lightning speed reaching millions of people instantaneously.

Lies travel faster and easier than the truth. Retweets make them even more faster.

Attracting children through targeted advertising is a disgusting manipulative tactic that is addictive and has dire long-term consequences.

The influential side of marketing products and services is the industry’s primary profit-generating strategy to get people hooked with positive impressions. Your brain recognizes this. The product or service may not fall into this category or may even be harmful. If you bought it, you are trapped. Profit for them and damage for you.

Marketing promises what is not delivered, a profitable business model to cash in billions since its invention.

Use your brain, your brain has the answer.

Get the most out of your brain for a lifetime, and train your brain constantly to a high level preferably in your early years.

It functions later as a backup when you are older.

You will enjoy a much more delightful life up to the end and your brain will gracefully degrade.

Pass it on to your children and grandchildren building a future with their bright minds.

The Choice Is Yours!

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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