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Substance Matters!

US Congress With New Assignment!

Washington DC Area March 22, 2023

The climate will soon emerge as the dominant force for changing the conditions of life on Earth. The climate is not the result of political, cultural or personal reactions. The climate simply follows the laws of physics, which we know exactly and can predict in the long term.

For hundreds of years, we have knowingly and recklessly exploited our planet, and continue to do so today, practicing “business as usual.” This is a predictable suicide path, and if not stopped, a journey to the extinction of humanity.

Since the climate is not a local event, we need to establish a Scientific Climate Board in each country, working together globally, to achieve and use maximum countermeasures immediately.

Any local legislation worldwide must be extended to the conditions of global climate impact. The climate knows only natural laws, we cannot negotiate or put legislation in force with nature.

The voting Scientific Climate Board will be an essential component of the Legislature to advance time-bound local and global action and to coordinate with international countries. The members of the Scientific Climate Board are scientists with expertise in the latest climate developments and their environmental and economic impacts.

Creating a human-livable climate takes precedence over all other country concerns. If we do not achieve this goal, there will be no life in the future, and there is no reversal course. We have our last chance.


If world leaders follow the same scenario by establishing a Climate Science Board in their countries, these coordinated investments in our climate will achieve the required worldwide turnaround.

THE CHOICE IS OURS! The climate can save us! We need a nuclear mind-meld that fuses national-political egoistic power claims with unrealistic industrial growth illusions into a massive energy potential for global cooperation.

The Anthropocene Of The Reason Is Our Only Future.

Naysayers must provide an alternative solution that leads to the same overall goal.

For those who do not find this plausible or still have doubts about the fundamentally scientific findings, here is a recently updated story from above outer space.

“Two planets meet in the universe. The one planet says: “You look bad today”. The other planet responded: “Right, I have Homo sapiens”. The one planet replies: “Never mind, they will soon be gone, and life will be more pleasant for you.”

Jokes can be funny, but represent the truth on a more memorizable level, by not changing the subject and the truth remains in the center.

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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