46/US/Free – The Anthropocene Of The Reason.

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The Anthropocene Of The Reason.

Washington DC Area March 19, 2023

Only the climate can save us if we change our predatory behavior immediately. For hundreds of years, we have been exploiting the planet more and more for our selfish benefit, ignoring our partners, Climate and Nature.

It is frightening how recklessly we treat resources that were created billions of years ago.

The first indications of possible climate effects date back to Roman times. It was suspected that the huge amounts of building materials for the many buildings in Rome and the surrounding area could have an impact on the climate. Inexhaustible growth requires inexhaustible resources, which don’t exist.

The Greeks had experienced this before and had run down their land and prosperity by sheltering goats, which ate away everything from the land and made it a barren patch of earth to this day. The remains are olive trees, a land degenerated from a time of prosperity.

For 200 years we have had scientific knowledge about the foreseeable correlation among industrial growth, greenhouse gas emissions, resource depletion, and climate change.

Where did our resources come from?

From other stars in space, the elements were “incubated” before and released during the formation of the earth 4.56 Billion years ago, or then deposited in the ground. The gold of the Earth came from another star, and your gold jewelry had a long journey behind itself, probably some light years. 1 light year is equivalent to 5.88 Trillion miles or 9.4 Trillion kilometers.

The vast majority of our resources are limited, and a new supply would require to come from the next star, with devastating consequences for many, many people on Earth.

It simply would mean, another star had to park on Earth and unload the new supplies. The needed parking space would be huge and could eliminate nations in seconds. Not a good trajectory to solve the upcoming supply chain shortage of any kind.

We will never be able to change the laws of nature; they are a vital part of the Earth’s conditions. We only can change our behavior with the fundamental knowledge we have gained since we are here 500,000 years ago. Obviously, we still reject the findings and don’t take worldwide coordinated actions. Nothing was learned from history.

The limitless growth thinking with higher and higher consumption and thus more and more waste is beyond the bounds of reason. With each generational change, we have worsened living conditions. This must change, starting immediately.

We cannot sustain our current business models. We need to start making massive energy savings, reduce fossil fuels, and discover and shift to renewable energy sources and other livable forms of society with new technologies. The ideas are limitless with new places to work and new ways to live, worldwide.

Life is an event that we will enjoy only once on this planet. Other planets are not at reachable distances or offer suitable living conditions. It remains a fantasy of science fiction movies or an illusion of billionaires.

Therefore, we should create conditions for future generations as well. It is our duty to shape the planet with a long-term future and to hand it over.


To initiate the required change, we need a nuclear mind-meld that fuses our current egoistic power claims and unrealistic industrial growth illusions into a massive energy potential for global cooperation.

Globally coordinated action is the key to the survival of us Homo sapiens. Local and international politics must join forces on climate. The climate is world politics, not country politics. We are all shareholders of the same habitat. If we want to preserve it, we must invest globally. The return on investment is a quality of life we have never experienced before.

The Anthropocene Of The Reason Is Our Only Future.

For those who do not find this plausible or still have doubts about the fundamentally scientific findings, here is a recently updated story from above outer space.

Two planets meet in the universe. The one planet says: “You look bad today”. The other planet responded: “Right, I have Homo sapiens”. The one planet replies: “Never mind, they will soon be gone, and life will be more pleasant for you.

Jokes can be funny, but represent the truth on a more memorizable level, by not changing the subject and the truth remains in the center.

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