45/US/Free – Get Out Of The Digital Prison!

Photo by Jimmy Chan

Substance Matters!

Get Out Of The Digital Prison!

Washington DC Area March 17, 2023

Get out of the digital prison, experience life anew, and recognize yourself as a human being.

Have we given up on this state, or can we no longer free ourselves from the digital promises that suggest a behavior we must strive for every day in order to be considered socially acceptable in the digital age?

Or have we already become slaves to digital dictators who monitor our private lives around the clock with every click, market our personal data to third parties without our knowledge, and cash in on billions in the process?

As a society, we live within accepted political laws and their limits, which also regulate the handling of personal data. But who regulates the digital dictators who obtain their data from an unregulated network, infect it with artificial intelligence, and disseminate it uncontrollably? Where is the customs control for the cross-border exchange of goods that are subject to tariffs? Data are digital goods that have a market value. Are politicians failing in the jungle of their own legislation, or are legislators unprepared for Politics-Digital?

Our future is being squeezed more and more into the present in order to maximize profits. Our quality of life is losing substance at the same rate.

This is maximized collective slavery, which we seem to accept socially. The financial world values new paying subscribers and sells digital dictators as the measure of all things to satisfy the greed for their insatiable empowerment.

Digital dictators restrict our ability to think and make decisions because they massively suppress elementary brain training. As a mental memory capacity then only “everything retrievable at the click of a button” remains!

And who confirms the correctness of a retrieval? As a user, you may process what is served to you, right or wrong. Your digital dictator manipulates you at will. You are in a digital prison.

Children and young people are particularly at risk because they no longer activate their elementary brain training, which then leads to total digital dependencies, and general basic knowledge, such as simple rules of percentage calculation, general history, or basic rules of spelling, are simply no longer retrievable. Basic knowledge is displaced and replaced by hype phrases. Previous learning becomes a blank space.

If you count yourself among those affected, you are in the Anthropocene of digital slavery in our era.

The Anthropocene of digital slavery of our era.

Quitting requires conviction, self-confidence and courage.

With the following test, you can determine your digital slave factor.

The digital slave factor refers to the available time in an assumed 18-hour day in which you have your smartphone ready to receive or enter information. You are directly available on demand, so to speak, or can become active yourself. It doesn’t matter what the information is. It’s about the conditions of a freely selected on-demand service over a period of time.

The slave factor = (reachable time on the smartphone in the observation period / total time of day hours in the observation period) *100. The smaller the value, the lower your dependence on digital dictators.

This test refers to purely private use of your smartphone and does not take into account paid professional use such as alerts or required special services.

Partial professional use may be included in the test under certain circumstances. This depends on the individual case, e.g. unpaid contact ability or working after the end of the service.

Yes, it is undeniable that a smartphone has brought useful applications also in our time.

But with the variety of applications, it’s easy to lose track, abandon one’s own (lost) critical faculties, and fall into the traps of the digital dictator.

The non-transparency of data links with personal evaluations is an inadmissible attack on the legally protected personality. The evaluations can and are manipulated, a social problem that can lead to the instigation of unrest and the destabilization of society.

A decision must be based on validated knowledge, but uncertain knowledge can lead to wrong decisions with the corresponding consequences.

What could you achieve?

One day per week of choice not to use a smartphone..
Your slave factor is 85.7. You devote 15.4 hours a day to your digital dictator.
Attend a 6-hour birthday party without an accessible smartphone.
Your slave factor is 66.6. You devote 12 hours a day to your digital dictator.
Meet with friends without a smartphone, just talk and discuss for at least 4 hours.
Your slave factor is 77.7. You devote 14 hours a day to your digital dictator.
You only turn on the smartphone for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon.
Excellent! Your slave factor is now only 5.5. You have gained a lot of time for yourself and can concentrate on more important things in life.
You now only use the smartphone in emergencies.
Congratulations! You have escaped the digital prison and you are human again. Enjoy your life.
A smartphone is a very important part of my life and I wouldn’t want to be without it.
You have made your choice. Your slave factor can reach the maximum value of 100, which will make you totally dependent on your digital dictator. However, always be critical and reassure yourself with your mind.

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