43/US/Free – The Climate Can Save Us…

Photo By Peter Keuter

Substance Matters!

The Climate Can Save Us

Washington DC Area March 13, 2023

… if we finally put our irrationality on the siding, discard our egoistic illusions, dry up the greed for ever more growth at all levels, and use our remaining intelligence to recognize things as they are and will develop according to scientifically proven findings.

… if we say goodbye to the idea of an inexhaustibly flourishing land of milk and honey and put reality on a new global platform.

… if politicians and business leaders from around the world sit down at the table and adopt a global action plan as a binding cross-border business plan with quarterly results. Discussions have been going on for over 30 years, but so far there is no binding plan, only imposing words in press releases and television appearances. A but so far there is no binding plan, only imposing words in press releases and television appearances. A conviction by the waiver policy.

The climate does not understand this language. The climate works according to the laws of physics. A language we know and whose development we can predict. These data are available to all representatives of the countries but knowingly refuse to initiate implementation of the urgently needed measures. If the decision-makers lack courage or understanding, they should step back and stop continuing to block vital developments for people around the world.

… the other leaders could make history for humanity by stopping the destruction of the planet and putting human life above illusory selfishness profit, greed, or power.

We need to invest in our planet to achieve a long-term standard of living, and have to set immediate priorities, like 50% in Climate, 25% in Humanity, and 25% in Economy on a global scale of all investments.

The rationality of a global society is at stake, and every member of that society is an active shareholder. Our climate knows no boundaries; it sees us as one group of homo sapiens.

Our climate is not a political, cultural, or personal issue. The climate is vital to all of us. If we do not achieve a balanced human climate, we will have made a very, very poor investment in the next generation, our children. They will ask questions and demand answers before we leave.

Only as a group of Homo sapiens, we will be able to leave a course driven by selfishness and greed and return to calmer waters supporting life in the future.

Time is of the essence, and time moves inexorably in only one direction. Every moment of inactivity is a lost opportunity to shape the climate for us to live in harmony on the planet.


The climate can save us! We need a nuclear mind-meld that fuses egoistic power claims with unrealistic industrial growth illusions into a massive energy potential for global cooperation.

The Anthropocene Of The Reason Is Our Only Future.

For those who do not find this plausible or still have doubts about the fundamentally scientific findings, here is a recently updated story from above outer space.

“Two planets meet in the universe. The one planet says: “You look bad today”. The other planet responded: “Right, I have Homo sapiens”. The one planet replies: “Never mind, they will soon be gone, and life will be more pleasant for you.”

Jokes can be funny, but represent the truth on a more memorizable level, by not changing the subject and the truth remains in the center.

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