39/US – We! Why? What? Next?

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Substance Matters!

We! Why? What? Next?

Washington DC Area | February 7, 2023 | Reading 3,724 words, ~20 minutes |

We as species of the planet earth! | Why we are here? | What have we achieved? | Next – Do we have the right intelligence to move forward?

Why We Are Here?

The universe began about 13.8 billion years ago considered to be an extremely hot and dense point from which the universe evolved while expanding and cooling since then, or called the “Big Bang”.

The idea of this Big Bang was first introduced in 1927 by the Belgian catholic priest and astrophysicist Georges Lemaître, but it was not until the 1960s that the American astrophysicist and cosmologist Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson made the discovery of cosmic background radiation, putting the Big Bang theory on solid footing. Both shared the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery.

As of today, Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics gave us more insights into the universe. […]

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