26/US/Free – COP27?

Washington DC Area, November 10, 2022

by Peter Keuter

Substance Matters!


What makes us believe that we proceed with confidence on enforced climate change issues this time? Since 1955, when the first climate change conference was held in Berlin, we are debating ideas, and drafting policies that fail to meet the goals.

The assumption is no confidence. And it will fail again, as long as we don’t have established a Global Climate Executive with the power to instruct countries to take their necessary actions as backed up by science. It looks like, we make the same mistakes over and over again.

It will be financed by the richest nations for their reckless and excessive lifestyle at the cost of the poorer nations, which contributed to the problems since 1824 when the greenhouse gas effect was discovered by the French mathematician, Joseph Fourier. We have almost wasted 200 years of substantial knowledge.

If we don’t get it, we will get the exodus, guaranteed.

Until then, as Homo sapiens, we are the fools of the species on this planet. We are cutting off the branches on which we sit.

Life Plus!

Awareness Thinking.

Peter Keuter is an independent writer, and his views are not affiliated with any company or political party.

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